Voice Over, The Perfect Stage, NYC, 2012

Title: Let' just jump on the bed
Elements : 2 animations, 1 voice over, 14 big vertical drawings, 1 big horizontalAuthor: Beatrice Scaccia
Year: 2012, December

Voice over:

(read by Eugenia Caruso)

Let's just jump on the bed, cut a caper, bite our tongues...
Let's just tie socks together to stumble and bounce all over again.
You know.... I love stripy shirts, I don't even know why. A sophisticated memory?Maybe... it's just because stripes always seem to lead somewhere. But not on a shirt... on a shirt stripes are deceptive, like... those reddish squares on Italiantablecloths. We... should sleep well and tight even knowing that … the diner's lights are gonna go out and so will our lives.
So.... I wanna just jump on my bed, lose my hat and fnd it again; look at my horns projected on the wall and draw a line to keep my head together. I wanna put my tail between my legs and ride it for a while,hide a pillow underneath my shirt and pretend I’m a different age. I'm not a monkey, I don't need a doctor, or a mom I just need to stay here.
It's better a little space, we should not move around and see the world. We should just be able to survive jumping on the bed, waiting for a goodnight kiss, with a permanent night light. Would you mind giving up pillows fghts? The discovery ofsex? We should fnd a way to keep jumping while drinking a large cup of hot coffee with cream on top and sugar, eating colorful cupcakes; always, always 
wondering why the illuminated orange windows of brownstone buildings arrest our beats and yes
yes, beauty will save the world.
We should have gone more often to the park, bought bikes years ago, stayed up 'til dawn on the beach at least once a week.
We should have forgotten to age, forgotten to change hair color, learned the best way to lie to our honest eyes... We should have found the balls to be cheesy once a day.... But... for now... let's just jump on this flowery blanket for kids.
It's December already, it's someone's birthday today... Can you guys just jump with me? For a little while?

This sky is so grey, today. New York is so dusty

We have to keep staying here, forgetting the “over and out”... because one wants to leave center stage. Just … make this soft bed our perfect stage... and I promise I'll keep jumping, trying hard to get younger, smaller and shorter.

I've just been trying to forget that drunk dwarf on 44tth by 9tth Avenue 
(May 5th)
I wanna forget the awful empty gazes... We should forget our goals and the croaky voices of spoilt dudes.
We should remove any ambition or envy and just sick with happiness, with endless jumping.
Time is running out, please let's cover our eyes, I cannot bear to see your facesshrink , guys.
Sometimes I wake up with such a dry mouth thinking about some stinky old ladies that sit in the diner everyday. Yes, their loneliness hurts me more than those 
roaches underneath the bed.