“Give a man a mask and he’ll tell the truth” -Oscar Wilde.


I am a visual artist working in mixed-media drawing and painting, and a writer. At the heart of my work is the need to create and follow various characters as a means to understanding myself and others.  My characters are fluid beings that often remain genderless, faceless, and ageless with only their most genuine vulnerabilities visible.  These contemporary archetypes touch on a version of the self; obsessed with “stuff”, experiencing puzzling emotions, and operating in a space without context.  Through repetitive actions and gestures they seem to wrestle and writhe in a no-man’s land, forced to confront their own inner monsters.  I use graphite, oil and water based paint and beeswax in my visual work.  Through the rendering of the images and gestural techniques, I create rich, layered surfaces of contrasting opacity and transparency within the image.  My work is typically large in scale, and has consisted of immersive installations, with sound, projections and animation.  Executive Director of Artists Alliance Inc. Jodi Waynberg wrote of my work, “With isolated, repeated and syncopated movements, Beatrice invites each of us into a fiction of woven fragments, relieving both herself and her viewer of authorship, to reveal a shared imagination of truth and poetry”.


Like my visual work, my writing has an absurd and wondrous tone while simultaneously interjecting a scathing critique of our cultural mindlessness. My characters are pieced together from memories, real life experiences and imagined stories and they represent a duality of light and dark within each of us. If my visual works are a manifestation of contemporary archetypes and their actions, then my written work is an unraveling and examination of their cause.  It is with great interest and concern that I look at the contemporary art world and an artist’s place within it.  Through my writing, I work to distill the purpose and efficacy of art, always righting myself back on to the creative path.