by Lionel Laquerrière


Lionel Laquerrière (Yann Tiersen, Nestorisbianca, IoLogic) wrote a soundtrack for the "Little Gloating Eve" exhibition at EffeArte Gallery (Sep. 18 - Oct. 31), Milan.

These are excerpts off it.

Artist statement:

“I use different media because of necessity and the urge that pervade both my work and the contemporary art field in general. I need to narrate and to put several layers into my work. Needless to say, there’s something more to that: I feel desire, curiosity, surprise by watching the same message displayed through different languages. I think of them as though they were passageways, transformations that are already part of a story, which we can’t stop.

Somebody had to tell Eve’s story by using music, a language I can’t speak. We needed a soundtrack.

So, I wrote to an amazing French musician, Lionel Laquerrière to ask him if Eve’s fears, desires, and illusions could be turned into music. I was aware of his stunning talent, but what I listened to was far beyond expectations. The tracks he composed specifically for Eve are mesmerizing”.

- Beatrice Scaccia