Milan, September 18th 2014. 

EFFEARTE is pleased to present Beatrice Scaccia’s solo show, Little Gloating Eve.

The exhibition will present most of her recent work, mainly produced during the last year at Residency Unlimited (NY) andArtists Alliance (NY).
Immediately after the show in Milan, the project will be exhibited next November at the Cuchifritos Gallery(NY).

Marco Bussagli – artist and art historian, Professor at Fine Arts Accademy in Rome – epitomizes the relationship between Beatrice Scaccia (the artist) and Eve (the character): “… I know very well Bea’s artistic drive, her competence, her commitment and her obstinate will; I also know the melancholy that shines through her eyes and emerges from a piece of paper when she starts drawing. Like Theseus, she follows her own Ariadne’s thread; unlike Theseus thou, Beatrice Scaccia’s thread is hidden inside her and her due is to unravel it as a colored ball of wool. Bea cannot do everything by herself so she asks help to Eve, who is her alter ego, her inside voice, her dreamlike conscience that gathers hers nightmares and fears. Eve is not a real doll but a strange dolly-child who wears grey clothes dripping hematic stains, a rag over her eyes and winter clothes all year long. Eve plays but she is a toy herself, balancing between life and death, pain and joy, where ornaments are pins and braces are containing laces. Surely Bea is Eve of her self, the first female figure of her interior world, born from her pencil in order to dispel all her nightmares.
Do not mistake all this as a simple tautology exercise. Eve represents all of us and our remorse of a lost childhood torn by painful tears, what we lost through the process of time, the emptiness to be refilled with the energy of art”.

Two years have passed from the first Eve’s appearance in the animation “At least a snake”, realized for the project “Patria Interiore” curated by Manuela Pacella. The project was then exhibited at the Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast and presented at Macro Museum in Rome.
Throughout a story of fragments and repetitions in a dilated time where the images reveal what’s absurd and fascinating in our routine, Eve experienced an evolution.

This evolution is visible at Effearte through a series of drawings, sketches, works on panel, animations, a ceramic installation (made by the Japanese artist Toshiaki Noda) and a soundtrack made by the French musician Lionel Laquerrière. At the entrance of the gallery, there will also be a collection of drawings realized by some pupils of an Italian elementary school to whom Beatrice asked to imagine and interpret Eve.

Jody Waynberg, Executive Director of Artist Alliance, wrote: “There was a very attractive strangeness to the world of Eve from the start. Bea’s careful treatment and accumulation of both absurd and mundane behaviour was enthralling. It’s relatively easy to make the bizarre or surprising appear interesting, but, through Eve, Bea is able to render even the most boring act as one worthy of our attention. She creates a sense of freedom—a world that has room for even our most wild imaginations. It has been a pleasure to watch both Eve and her world evolve. I always look forward to seeing what Eve does next”.

“Isolation is the worst risk an artist can experience. My very first idea was completely different. Throughout dialogues and discussions I understood that my needs were elsewhere. I became too attached to some executive manners, losing the urgencies”, Beatrice Scaccia.